Unique turnings and free form pieces for collectors and miniaturists featuring

exotic woods natural edges turquoise inlay laminated woods unusual shapes

Specializing in unusual and one of a kind pieces.

Available turnings are shown below. Click on individual photos for details, prices, and ordering,
except for SOLD items, which will not contain any additional information.

"Art" pieces:
Cocobolo vase SOLD
• Manzanita Burl "Eye of the Dragon"
Spalted Zebrawood
  and Bloodwood vase SOLD

Rose Bush Root and
  Imbuya bud vase SOLD
Tree Ornaments
Cocobolo & Ebony SOLD
Carob, Cholla and
  Wenge SOLD

• Sea Urchin and Ebony
Cocobolo & Ebony SOLD
Spalted Tamarind
  and Ebony SOLD
1:12 Scale Miniatures
Redheart Burl bowl SOLD
Blackwood and
  Chechen Burl vase SOLD

Black Locust Burl vase SOLD
Poplar "Landscape" vase SOLD
Larger Pieces
Pernambuco Box SOLD
Mahogany Goblet SOLD
Birch "Gull Wing" bowl SOLD
Eucalyptus Burl goblet
  with Turquoise and
  Jasper inlays SOLD

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