I'm fascinated by beautiful and unusual woods, especially burls, spalted woods and exotics. And I like to make beautiful and unique things. Here are some of those things . . .

Note: Pictures are not to scale – they have been sized to best show the pieces.

1:12 Scale Miniatures
• Redheart Burl bowl
• Blackwood and
  Chechen Burl vase
• Black Locust Burl vase
• Poplar "Landscape" vase
Larger Pieces
• Pernambuco Box
• Mahogany Goblet
• Birch "Gull Wing" bowl
• Eucalyptus Burl goblet
  with Turquoise and
  Jasper inlays
"Art" pieces:
• Cocobolo vase
• Manzanita Burl ball
  and stand with
  Turquoise inlay
• Spalted Zebrawood
  and Bloodwood vase
• Rose Bush Root and
  Imbuya bud vase
Tree Ornaments
• Cocobolo & Ebony
• Carob, Cholla and
• Maple & Bloodwood
  with Jasper inlay
• Cocobolo & Ebony
• Spalted Tamarind
  and Ebony

When I'm not busy turning wood I have been known to pen the occasional humorous vignette. You can find some of them here . . .

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