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Micro Decisions International has introduced a new management system package which the company says will never go out of style.

"Over the past decade or so we have seen American corporations run the full gamut of management styles," Irene Betchem, president and CEO of Micro Decisions said. "They have gone from Management by Objectives and hierarchical structures through Matrix Management and the One Minute Manager to re-engineering, worker empowerment and diversity awareness."

"Even though these systems employ widely divergent methods, they all have one thing in common," she said. "That one trait that they all share is that they have not delivered the improvements they promised--nor have they stood the test of time. Each system was hyped at one time as the savior of business as we know it, only to be replaced in a few years by yet another 'miracle' system.'"

"It seems like the main business of business is to constantly seek new and different management systems. And they spend billions of dollars each year in the search, only to find that the 'newest and greatest' is obsolete before they can even get it implemented. It is to solve this problem that the Forever System was developed."

The Forever System, introduced by Micro Decisions last week, will speed up the process of identifying the latest management system, and will then help your business convert to the new system as efficiently and as economically as possible.

"The heart of the Forever System is a data base that contains the essentials elements of every management system known, plus detailed instructions on how to convert from any given management system to any other system," Ms. Betchem said. "And, to make sure that the system stays 'forever useful,' we will update it with the newest buzz words and fads as soon as they come out."

"This combination of a management system conversion matrix plus an update service to keep you abreast of the newest management system philosophy will enable your company to stay on the leading edge of management efficiency at the least possible cost."

Companies who participated in the trials of the Forever System are ecstatic about its potential.

"This is the first time that we've been able to get advance notice of a new management philosophy before it started appearing in the business publications," the CEO of a Fortune 500 manufacturing company said. "In fact, we were able to convert from our old way of doing things to the new system so fast that we were the featured company in all of the articles about the new philosophy. Let me tell you, it's really great to be out in front of the pack for a change."

Another company was able to switch to the latest management system, evaluate it, and then switch back to what they were doing originally before the press found out the new system wasn't nearly as great as advertised. "If we hadn't been able to get out from under the new system before it ruined us, I'd be looking for a job today," the president said. "From now on, we won't even consider any new management technology unless it comes out as part of the Forever System--I wouldn't leave my office without it."

Copyright © 2002 Frank G. Van Atta. All rights reserved.